People rescued from collapsed buildings in deadly Taiwan earthquake

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I lived in Japan for 10 years where earthquakes are regular and I am used to feeling them. But this morning was one of the biggest or the biggest I’ve ever experienced.

I am on a higher floor here – the eighth floor – but the building shook violently, so violently that I had to hang on to the kitchen counter to stabilise myself.

Stuff came off shelves, flower pots were toppled, windows were opened, doors were moved.

It was very violent shaking, even here in Taipei, well over a 100km from the epicentre in Hualien.

There is a very large building site behind my house – and some construction equipment fell off the top of that, crashing to the street below.

It doesn’t look like anyone was injured but it could have easily killed people. It was a busy time with people going to work.

I have talked to friends who have lived here for some time – local people and foreigners – and they say this is the biggest earthquake they can remember in at least 20 years, maybe even longer.

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