Trump arrives in New York court for hush money case

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Now we’ve gone through what the $464m penalty deadline is all about, let’s pivot to the hush money case.

The hearing is scheduled to start at 9:30 ET (13:30 GMT). From what we know, Donald Trump will be at court (and you can watch a live stream by clicking the play button at the top of this page to see his arrival).

The former US president has been charged with business fraud over hush-money payments to ex-porn actress Stormy Daniels. Daniels claims she and Trump had sex, and that she accepted $130,000 (£103,500) from his former lawyer before the 2016 election in exchange for her silence about the encounter.

Prosecutors allege Trump had his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, make the payments, and then fraudulently recorded the transaction in his company’s books as legal expenses when in fact he was paying Cohen back for the hush-money payments.

Since the allegations surfaced in 2018, the former president has denied any sexual involvement with Daniels.

Today we will have a hearing, which could tell us when the trial will officially start.

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