Several injured as Russian missiles target Kyiv

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Ukrainian law enforcement officers examine fragments of a rocket at the site of a missile attack in Kyiv on March 25, 2024Image source, Getty Images

A three-storey building in Kyiv has been badly damaged, Ukrainian officials say, as the city comes under renewed Russian attack.

They said two ballistic missiles were intercepted, but seven people were injured as debris fell.

Explosions were heard across the Ukrainian capital and a column of smoke was seen rising in the east.

The city’s mayor urged residents to immediately take cover as the attack came without warning.

Moments before the explosions the Ukrainian air force warned in a message on Telegram that a missile was flying towards the city.

It is unusual to have such attacks without an air raid alert.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko wrote on his Telegram channel: “Explosions in the capital. Urgently to the shelter!”

Ukraine’s air force commander said Russia fired two ballistic missiles from Crimea, which was annexed by Moscow, but both were intercepted by air defences.

Following a string of explosions, missile debris came down on Pechersk, not far from the centre of Kyiv, and several other districts.

The attack is the third on Kyiv by Russia in five days.

Latest reports say seven people including a teenage girl were injured. Two people were taken to hospital.

The US ambassador in Kyiv, Bridget Brink, said on social media that Russia had used hypersonic missiles to attack the Ukrainian capital.

She added that there was “not a moment to lose” as Ukraine needed American assistance now, alluding to a $60bn military aid package which has been held up in the US Congress.

In a post on X, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba reiterated Kyiv’s appeal to its international allies to supply more air defences.

Mr Kuleba wrote: “This is a reminder that Ukraine urgently requires more air defence, particularly Patriot systems and missiles capable of repelling any Russian attack.”

The latest assault on Kyiv comes after Ukraine said it had hit two landing ships, a communications centre and other infrastructure used by Russia’s Black Sea fleet off Crimea on Sunday.

The Ukrainian general staff said the Yamal and Azov ships had been destroyed.

The BBC, however, has not been able to verify the Ukrainian claim to have damaged the ships, which are designed to land troops and equipment straight to shore without the need for a pier or dock.

Location of Russia's Black Sea fleet HQ in Sevastopol

There has been an increase in aerial attacks by both sides in the past few days, while Russia makes slow progress in taking some territory in the east of the country.

Overnight there were drone attacks on Odesa and Mikolayiv in the south of Ukraine, hitting energy infrastructure and leaving some areas without electricity.

On Friday, Russia fired dozens of missiles at Ukraine, hitting a dam and leaving a million Ukrainians without power, in the wake of fierce Ukrainian bombardments on Russian border regions. The Russian authorities said a Ukrainian drone attack had caused a fire at a large power plant in Rostov.

Meanwhile Kharkiv – close to the Russian border – is still in partial blackout after all its power substations were destroyed by Russian attacks on Friday.

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