Poland’s ‘Heart of the Garden’ named tree of 2024

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Common Beech tree in PolandImage source, Marcin_Kopij

A Polish tree nicknamed Heart of the Garden, pictured above, has won the 2024 European Tree of the Year contest.

The monumental common beech tree grows in an old park in the University of Wroclaw’s botanical garden. It’s the third Polish tree in a row to win.

The contest celebrates our relationship with nature by showcasing beautiful and unique trees from across the continent.

Here are some other notable entries.

Weeping Beech Tree in France

Image source, Emmanuel Boitier

Taking second place is the Weeping Beech of Bayeux in Normandy. Spreading over 40m wide, the city has provided structural support to keep it standing.

olive tree in Italy

Image source, Valerio Atzori Corpo forestale Sardegna

In third place is the 1,000-year-old Olive Tree of Luras in Sardinia, Italy. Estimated to be between 3,000 and 4,000 years old, it’s one of the oldest specimens of wild olive on the island.

Camellia tree in Portugal

Image source, José Couceiro da Costa

The curiously curated common camellia from Portugal was a strong runner-up. It stands out for centuries of careful shaping.

Chestnut tree in the UK

Image source, Hannah Farnell

The UK’s entry, Wrexham’s sweet chestnut in Acton Park, came in tenth place. Thought to be almost 500 years old, this giant tree has weathered many storms and survived being pillaged for firewood in 1940s post-war Britain.

The full results can be seen on Europe’s tTree of the Year website.

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