Unstoppable in Red: Tiger Woods and Nike at the Masters

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When Tiger Woods locked in on the final day of the Masters in 2019, it felt like the sporting world had stepped into a time machine. The 43-year-old golfer — 11 years removed from winning his last major tournament — was fighting against a series of devastating injuries and an entirely new generation of competition but with every precision shot he was reminding the world what he once was.

Driving the point home, perhaps more than any aspect of his play, was the fact that Mr. Woods looked almost exactly as he had in his other four wins at Augusta, the last of which was in 2005.

As he walked the tree-lined course, his arms and chest were more muscular than they had been in his 20s, with pants tailored to be a bit more snug, but the uniform remained his uniform. Atop his head was a black hat with a white Nike swoosh. His pants, belt and shoes were all black. And his shirt, of course, was red.

“It goes back to my mom,” Mr. Woods is quoted as saying in “Never Settle,” a book by the ESPN reporter Marty Smith. “My mom says that my power color is red.”

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